i guess i won’ t run off just yet

Mother’s Day and I woke to:

  • Husband up and dressed with The Boy (he dressed my son in a kilt, no less) while Sophie and I slept in
  • Breakfast, coffee, and the paper
  • Huge banner in living room: “Happy Mother’s Day!”
  • Ralph spent the morning before I woke up coaching Nels to say, “I love you, Mama!”
  • Flowers and homemade card, with a sweet (and private) missive inside
  • Mother’s Day dinner potluck at Chetzemoka Park
  • 3rd annual Mother’s Day “booze-‘n’-schmooze” at the Manresa Castle with eight girlfriends

For my part, I worked like a madwoman on a sewing job which almost made me a nervous wreck. Perhaps the best thing my husband did for me Sunday was to maintain his good humor even as I engaged in obsessive behavior (I prefer the term “goal-oriented”).

Thank you, sweet family of mine.

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