life with my kids; a summer week

Sophie, yesterday morning, on her way to school. Oh, but what’s that in the jar? Let’s take a closer look:

Meet “Bathtub”, Sophie’s new pet. Bathtub may look smallish at first but please notice in this photo the size as compared to my toddler’s finger. She attempted to catch this spider by hand in our laundry room. After surpressing the urge to vomit, I butched up and caught it myself (acting very casual all the while). She insisted on taking it to school and tried to sleep with it during yesterday’s nap. Today? Another visit to school (it’s jar returned with the lid taped closed), and a spot in the kiddie parade lineup.

My exchanged Mother’s Day gifts from my own mom arrived yesterday as well. Thank you! Now all I need to match my classy earrings is, um, classy anything else.

This is the first in many very sweet but rather assy-looking surprise projects I can expect delivered to me via my children’s school projects. This project was from a few weeks ago when the kids were studying seeds and plants. As modest as this little planter is, still, she’s doing a better job gardening than Ralph (compost, my dear man, compost!).

Despite what you see in the photo here, the evil one is the one on the left. I believe Ralph is on his way to a BBQ in this picture. Look at Nels: we are a hoodie family. Let me tell you about my hoodie sometime!

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