the itinerary as i can see it, i type groggily

This morning my sore throat is a minor agony, painful to swallow and itchy in my ears. My remedy: aspirin and a drink of hot water, lemon, and sugar. As I type this, my parents are serving my children bacon and french toast and I am shuddering thinking about the long haul betwen now and afternoon naps.

Last night my newfound resolution to “relax” resulted in two successes: 1. I let Nels be dirty during the day, and 2. I allowed my parents to settle my kids in bed (a feat that took longer than they bargained for) while my brother and I went out to rent a movie. This errand also was more than we bargained for: three video stores, a pizza, and a car breakdown later, we arrived home too beat to watch the film.

Today: our customary 2-mile walk; swimming at the local snooty Y; birfday present shopping.

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