adding a few extra fillies to the stable

This weekend we had ten people in this house and half of them were young children. Considering we have two bedrooms to accomplish this (the third is a sewing room – sorry ’bout that friends!) we feel pretty awesome.

Our friends arrived yesterday at about 1 PM. We spent the day piling on public transit, riding up to the Farmer’s Market, playing at the park, avoiding a few choice locals (always hard to do; it seems *everyone* is Uptown on Saturday), grabbing a bite, then running to catch the bus again. Home for a time to settle down and nap, and then my Prizewinning Fucking Beef Enchiladas for dinner along with a salsa I made from all-Farm ingredients (OK, nothing I cook wins any prizes but a girl has to feel important, even if it involves lying). Ater dinner we went out to a friend’s house for a six-family bonfire. It is so amazing to hang out with parents of young kids: have an outdoor movie, a bonfire, drink beer (or not, in my case), chat, and watch our kids run around (some of them naked, outdoors at 9 PM and all) while having grownup conversation (you know, where you say words like “loquacious” and “cock”).

I am neither stoned nor have I just finished “grinding my axe” – I was merely holding the guitar for someone. I did belt out some songs by The Cult, and everyone thought I was awesome. P.S. they were all drunk.

Last time we did this we had a grownup movie; this time we got wise and busted out some kid action. Nels is on the left: the little dinosaur with the golden curls, snuggled with his sister. Other kids were wrapped up in tarps and blankets, I think.

This morning at 8 AM we hear our friends’ family stirring in the next room. Ralph springs out of bed to get dressed and cook breakfast for all (yes, he is that amazing). I lie in bed and watch my children wake, roll toward one another and begin hugging and petting. For a house with this many kids and a late night, things seem remarkably easy. Ralph comments at breakfast those cults with lots of wives and families have a smart thing going. I point out that this is the weekend and thus all breeding adults are available to help with food, kids, bathroom needs, etc.

Handsome is as handsome does, and these days Handsome mostly likes eating pizza and playing jumping games off the couch.

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