Halloween, now and then

For the two people who read my sew blog – here is Nels’ costume for this Halloween:

Ice Bat!

The wing of Ice Bat!

Ice Bat’s bum and tail!

Tonight Ralph sweetly insisted we get the kids in my costumes and take some pictures – so that’s what we did. Here’s a montage of our kids’ Halloweens so far – some pictures from then, others from tonight.

Sophie, Nels, and I. Where’s Nels? YOU know. I am about four months pregnant here and holding my wee little bat. Yes, Ralph was Frankenstein’s monster.

Well, this is the little guy a year later. Gee, could he be cuter? Nope. Sadly, I don’t have a good picture of my Sophie as a geisha so here (to confuse you) is Nels *this* year, wearing Sophie’s costume of ’03:

Nels has a chubbier tummy than his sister did in this outfit.

OK, this wasn’t a costume but a bear bunting for Nels when he was about a year old. Still, I maintain it was one of the cutest things ever sewn for a baby. Warm, too!

Another non-costume – as in, she didn’t wear this on Halloween per se. But do you recognize it? Yes, Japanime dorks, that is Kiki.

Sophie’s prairie girl dress from last year. This was quite elaborate. My picture isn’t that great. Oh well.

Showing her “Prairie Girl Action”, Sophie rolls out – a pumpkin.

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