pictures courtesy of weirdbeard

Life the last week.

Sr. Mysterioso is my kitchen muse. He watches all with a knowing smile.

My son was very grumpy when he woke up from his nap the day after Billy’s arrival. Yes, I cut his hair recently. He is now looking more like a boring-arsed Little Boy instead of my fey little elf-maiden.

1 dinosaur suit and a snack later, he was good to go.

Evening: pumpkin carving ala Ralph. Who is that lurking on the attic stairs?

On Wednesday my brother, daughter and I journied to the Serpentarium in Monroe, Wa.

The mamba is my favorite snake. Because I picked it that way after a couple lines in one of my favorite novels.

Of course Sophie handled snakes. Gee, you think? She was a blur of light for one hour, racing around the room and looking at everything. Many specimens that would eat her if given half a chance.

The alligator snapped at my brother and I think he peed his pants a little, but he wouldn’t admit it.

This thing has the face of evil. The head is pretty much life-size in this picture – about 4 1/2 inches across. And it had two-inch fangs. I liked snakes more before I saw this one.

Back at home, at the park. One block from our house. My kids are running at me about to jump on me in that way where their foot hits me in the groin, etc.

Today’s word: GLOBSTER.

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