yes, i too can be a Good Mama

Yes, I’m going to get back to posting about sewing. But I wanted to say – proudly – that today my children and I did crafts that I thought up and enacted!

I have yet to see Halloween spiders with googley-eyes that demonstrate the correct number of ocular organs on said arachnid-form. Casa Del Hogaboom corrected that error today. Styrofoam balls w/tempura paint (hung to dry), rolled in lime-green and black glitter, pipe cleaner legs and yes, an octet of google-eyes (Yes Craig, and I know spiders have eight legs as well – and apparently, according to Nels, one of them sticks off the top of the head).

Our ghosts were so awesome they even looked in the same direction while swaying. Styrofoam ball, cheesecloth (1 yard makes four ghosties); the tiny black pompoms (eyes) and white head-ribbon are attached by straight pins.

Next: punkins with A B C features. You’ll see.

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