their impeccable tailoring will make up for their horrid table manners.

Fuck the more typically thought-of Thanksgiving traditions: the food, the family, the good times, the awkward, drunken conversations. It’s all about the outfits. When I told friends I was (geekily) sewing my kids clothes to wear for dinner, I was asked (every time) if I’d be making them pilgrim outfits. WTF? Anyway, here’s what I *did* make:

First, Nels. Cavalier, yet commanding in this vintage-casual effort in an Alexandra Henry western pattern (“del rio”) with moss green accent (pattern review here). A closeup:

I sewed the buttonholes at the cabin in between Thanksgiving dinner dishes and on my (or rather, Sophie’s) Spartan machine. So vintage, so tiny, so heavy, so much fun!

Sophie was a doll in her, um, brown-on-brown plain cut Thanksgiving dress. She didn’t like it at first but gradually warmed up to it. Pattern review here.

Closeup of the invisible zipper and, more importantly, you can also see here a little warm neck I get to kiss daily.

The rolled hems on skirt and underskirt. Thank you, Abbi, for the serger (indefinite) loan. Your serger is waving at you. Hello!

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