the loot

(Here’s mine last year – for reference).


  • traditional Christmas pajamas, opened Christmas Eve (Ralph did PJ reconnaissance)
  • 2 x glue sticks, marker set, fingerpaints, scissors, construction paper, watercolor and fingerpaint pads (from my parents)
  • this crazy-assed fucking popcorn that has chocolate, pretzel sticks, and craisins and is just… insanely tasty (from my parents)



  • 1 package Newman’s Own caramel cups (in stocking, courtesy of Ralph)
  • Candle card (made by Sophie at preschool): “Dear Mama, You have a present – so much that I bet you would like to see it!”
  • video iPod – aw yeah, I just slip it in there all casual-like! (from Ralph)
  • Homegrown teas, Italian seasoning mix, and blueberry jam (grown / made by my mom)

The kids:

  • Kitchen set – pots, pans, and spatulas etc. (from me)


  • Monster finger puppet (googly-eyed), toy helicopter bath toy, tie-dye panties, monkey bubblebath (in stocking)
  • 3 x white socks (from Ralph)
  • Bug case with 2 types of magnification (It’s science!)
  • I SPY Mystery book (from my dad)
  • Brown and black ribbed tights (from Ralph)
  • 3 X panties, black and white tights (from my parents)
  • 6 x socks (from my mom)


  • Monster finger puppet (crab monstrer), wind-up robot, tie-dye briefs, fish bubblebath (in stocking)
  • Boat bath-toy (from Mama)
  • Drawing of Christmas tree and “Scary Hand” (by Sophie)
  • How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? (from my dad)
  • 6 x socks, 6 x briefs (from my mom)
  • 3 x undershirts (from Ralph)
  • 6 x briefs (from Ralph)

Gee, see a pattern? Socks and underwear for the kids, particularly for Nels (thirteen pair of knickers!) who is going to think of Christmas as a holiday all about “big boy pants”. I am proud to say my children really enjoyed my presents. Nels played with his tiny windup robot ($1.50 at a local shop) for hours.

Other Christmas loot of note:

  • An all-day adventure to the Pacific Science Center on Saturday, all-expenses paid (from Cynthia and Paige)
  • A great conversation with my sister on Christmas Eve
  • Many lovely cards (some handmade) from friends
  • A Christmas Day run at the track (courtesy of iPod and my beloved Beyonce)

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