7 for 07

OR: an annoying clipshow of my last year.

So guess what? I may never get around to New Year’s Grats. But I worked this entry up. I encourage you, dear reader, to fill one of your own out and send it to me!

Seven things I am proud of over the last year:
1. I biked up 19th. Once.
2. The Farm (one of many entries). I did it. I hated and loved it; I did it though.
3. Ralph’s home gardening efforts – yes, including his mint.
4. I weaned myself off paid help in the house. Oh wait, file that under “regrets”.
5. I rode the bus a lot this year. And really enjoyed it!
6. My kitchen is tight. I worked on it all year.
7. My husband and I made great strides in respectful communication. I tried to find a cooler way to word this, but I couldn’t. I am really proud of this, though.

Seven things I regret over the last year:
1. Not getting more alone time with Ralph.
2. Not eating the World’s Biggest Sandwich.
3. The times I’ve pissed people off by being too salty on my blog. It’s only been a couple instances that I know of; it saddens me, though.
4. Not resting more.
5. The times I flaked or did not RSVP to invitations. I hate this when I do it.
6. Not having our camera fixed; most especially for Sophie’s photography.
7. Not taking more G&T afternoon playdates.

Seven ways I’ve changed:
1. I no longer nurse babies. Very bittersweet.
2. I am nicer in a fight.
3. I no longer over-bake! Yes, this matters.
4. I can knit right or left-handed. Yes, this matters. No wait, it doesn’t.
5. My iPod ownership status has changed for the better; my life is complete again.
6. I am less crazy (“She’s still funny, but not ha-ha funny!”).
7. My hair! In many ways, and all of them awesome:

Seven ways I haven’t:
1. I am still married, pro-Ralph, and I vote!
2. “Swayze!”
3. I still find my Mama friends are still the best ones to be around.
4. I am a dork.
5. I drink, cuss, smoke, and have a vitriolic streak I choose to air publicly.
6. I continue to love (and overly quote) Will Ferrell movies (see #4).
7. I really enjoy being a housewife, more than most anything else I’ve done.

Seven eats and drinks:
1. Jalapenos, yes.
2. Sushi (BISH and Sentosa, I miss you!), yes
3. PT Brewery growlers, yes. “Mmmm…. beer…”
4. Mayo, blarf.
5. Bell peppers, no.
6. Shellfish, no.
7. Macadoo’s deep-fried pickle, yes.

Seven glorious moments in ’06:
1. Talledega Nights with Ralph. We laughed until we choked.
2. “In the face”.
3. I have pregnancy-radar, and totally knew Becca was going to get knocked up.
4. Summer at the beach:

5. Snakes on a Mother Fucken Birthday Cake
6. Billy’s visit.
7. My weekend to myself at home. Fucking heaven.

Seven moments of “let us never speak of this again”:
1. The Chicken Pox Hoga-Scourge of February (one blog entry, there are many).

2. This particular party-assout by my husband.
3. Kelly + Nels + “Foot in Mouth Disease” funkins.
4. Whatever dream I’m describing in this first paragraph, I’m glad I don’t remember it!
5. Nels’ head injury.
6. Sophie’s toe injury.
7. Being sick twice at the end of the year. Thanks a lot.

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