a glimpse, bacon-side

There is no way you can possibly understand or comprehend the amount of pee that came out of my son as he took an “accidental” nap today – for three hours. To comprehend the amount of pee you’d have to be willing A. to believe my son could violate principles of Newtonian physics; B. to understand Newtonian physics just so you could grasp HOW MUCH PEE it really was and how impossible it really was that it all came out of one little boy.

I had to wash blankets, down comforters, pillows, sheet, pillowcase, and all of his clothes. We’re still working on this as I write.

Last Saturday Ralph went for a three-mile run while the kids and I walked to the Blue Moose to share a plate for breakfast. Ralph came in halfway through our meal, hungry, energized, and I was shocked at how sweaty and obviously post-something he looked. I tried to take a picture:

My son has a flaw in his left eye. It is one of the many things about him that make him precious, that make him really true to me, things that I will always know if no one else knows or cares. I like these pictures because they show you who Nels is and Ralph looks happy.

davidbyrne.com has a really great radio playlist up right now.

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