My children are playing GTA:SA with their father.* It turns out Nels has a knack for picking horses to bet on (he won Ralph over 3 million dollars). Sophie is sporting a new hair-dye job and wearing nothing but a pair of homemade tattoo-art boxers. We just gave Nels coffee (only a tiny, tiny, tiny bit) because he was threatening to fall asleep at 7 PM.

All of this is true, but I am not a bad Mom. I swear.

* This is my husband’s “favorite video game of all time”. He and I got a kick out of the fact Vince Vaughn’s character in the (surprisingly good) film The Breakup was incessantly playing this game – we watched the film about two days after I chewed Ralph out for playing it while our children watch. FWIW – his current policy when the kids are watching him is: SFX mute (no cussing) and no violence – driving, swimming with dolphins, parachuting, or betting on horses.

Still. It’s an evil game and I know it.

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