dunking precious toes

The last two Fridays have seen the Hogabooms packing a dinner and hitting the road for a Family Swim Night. Two weeks ago it was the Bainbridge pool (lovely but, to my cold-blooded ass, chilly), and this last Friday was our more typical trip to Sequim’s SARC.

Sophie is learning how to put her head underwater. Earlier in the day I picked her up a swim cap to assist in this goal. She was the cutest girl in the pool for her rather “formal” swim look, and I saw many fond smiles given her way from grandparents and childless adults alike. After a shower and change (in the locker room we split along gender lines – Nels with Daddy, Sophie with me) we hit our favorite Sequim coffee shop for refreshment. Luck was with me this night: the only ice cream I have ever favored or cared for in any way was in fact in stock – I think it’s called Pistachio Cherry Chocolate Flake. Nels and Sophie immediately calmed down into intense, not-a-drop-wasted ice cream consumption. We watched teenagers take up seats holding hands and nursing a meager cup of coffee. Then a car ride home with quiet children looking out the window as Ralph and I discussed our family’s future and our hopes and dreams.

I’ve had a sewing marathon of late which has left me, at the end of the day, inexplicably tired. I am all but done (buttons and buttonholes) with a winter coat for Sophie:

(Hers is a heathered brick). Next: pattern tracing for a friend, a coat for Nels.

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