me & my shadow

Today while my sister caught up on some work, Sophie and I took the #14 bus up Hawthorne (my sister lives at 16th) to a few shops.* We hit a few kitchen stores looking for what appears to be a surprisingly elusive gift find (I still haven’t laid my hands on one yet) and I bought a baby shower gift for a friend, and for Nels a Godzilla vs. Robot t-shirt (which I will save for his birthday).

We didn’t see another child on the bus or return trip. But the city is perfect for children – at least visiting ones with responsible guardians. Sophie instinctively and naturally held my hand to help navigate the intense traffic and pedestrian activity (they are building sidewalks to boot), jumping over puddles and skirting around fellow foot travelers with an “Excuse me!” She loved peeking in at the glass cases of lovely handmade confections at PastaWorks; her sophistication on catching the bus and paying fare made me proud.

After a couple hours on the town we returned to the apartment, took off our shoes, and shared a small lunch (Sunday night’s leftovers of “black & blue” steak, cornbread and mashed sweet potatoes). Then we put on a Django Reinhardt CD and got in bed together. Time spun out and was reduced to the freckles on my daughter’s perfect nose and the feel of her arms around my neck.

At 3:30 we’ll be meeting with friend Paige (another Starbucks. What the fuck?) and most likely seek out, yes, more Mexican food. I have a long day ahead; a two-hour train trip then a drive on 101 that apparently will be beset by storm. Here’s hoping we make it home safely.

* Portland is one of a few cities that has this neat Google transit tool, which of course I love, because me loves me some Google.

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