routines, familar and new

Today we walked down to the Blue Moose again. Where I am moving will I find diners that I like as much as this one? It isn’t all that special, but the food is good enough, and it’s somewhere clean and fun for the children and I to go. The walk is nice, too. Sophie carries my purse, they hold my hand across the intersections. People smile at me and my smartly-dressed children. Where I’m moving, I’ll be walking along a highway to get places. But my children will enjoy our journies all the same.

The morning boy: ready to go. If I walk with him I have to first discuss with him he will be riding in the stroller for the duration, otherwise he is pissed. He wants to walk. Problems with this: he’s slower than I want to go, he runs into culverts, he picks up old cigarette butts and “smokes” them.

Abbi and I have started a mini-routine during the week while our oldest girls are in school. Here Nels feeds Rosie some chips, carefully opening his own mouth to help Rosie’s endeavors:

Nels first visited this deli when he was about nine hours old. Tonight we re-visited prior to swim lessons and bought: roasted flank steak, jasmine rice balls, pepperoni, coffee, roasted carrots, and a big-ass brownie. The total was $412.53.

Tonight: swim lessons for Ralph and Sophie while Nels and I watched. Oh, did I say “watched”? I mean, while Nels climbed on perfect strangers and tried to escape outside or pull the fire alarm. Ass.

Sophie is the cutest child in the pool because she wears a blue hibiscus suit and matching purple goggles and cap. She is like the world’s tiniest, least wrinkled, perfect little old lady.

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