and we’re out

Today was my last full day in Port Townsend. Forces conspired to keep me home and frustrated: my kids woke with pinkeye (highly contagious, semi-gross, but really not a big deal – whatever you do don’t click on these links) and I once again was robbed of the family van. Fuck it. It’s my last day. I’m going to buy myself my birthday present (#2), I’m going to get some fresh air, I’m going to cook my kids a good lunch and rest them up, and we’re going to have a good time. Guess what? It all worked out that way.

Before I even made it out the door this morning lovely Abbi brings me fresh eggs from her chickens. Yay! Cynthia brought over morning pastries and hot coffee, her treat. Thank you, ladies.

At 10-ish we catch the #13 bus and I sit next to Kirsten and her two lovely children. We discuss move-out date: tomorrow! She tells me Port Townsend will miss us. I hear that a lot. My eyes are darting to the back of the bus where my children, experienced bus riders, are making monkey noises.

So I bought myself the bread box, and they filled it with bread, a lot of bread. About one-third of the large box of bread was filled with Pane D’Amore’s lovely hearth rolls. Like the ones you see my children eating. P.S. during the day, they ate them all.

At this point my picture-taking was at its end as Nels took over, after asking repeatedly and circumspectly for the camera. Here are three of his efforts:

Me, at the bus stop. Yes, that’s my actual hair, not a very bad wig. P.S. I am squinty most of the time or at least that’s what the pictures tell me.

On to the Food Co-op:

Olives! Our whole family likes them. A pretty picture: I think he should go into Marketing for the co-op’s website.

“UUURRGH! ME HAS THE PINK EYE-UMS!” Note my child’s version is much milder than those links above that I sincerely hope you did not investigate.

Home on the bus, again. Sophie carries my $33 alaffia grass basket, ANOTHER present to myself to say goodbye to Port Townsend (these baskets are SO PT, and let me tell you, when I asked the Co-op employee to find me a “larger one”, I was graced with the entire history of the sweet African community that makes them, and how honored a relationship “we” have with them, yada yada) with a small amount of healthy snack groceries:

Think I’m lyin’? Check it out: veggie booty, kale salad, carrots, and Strawberry Emergen-C. A PT meal. Yes, they ate it. And then they napped. And then they got up and gave me hell.

Tomorrow: bon voyage to greener, if not sweeter, pastures.

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