notes on a decidedly non-scandal

I ran two miles today. I ran two miles today! Yeah, yeah, I know you’re thinking, Hell, I could run two miles. But can you, really? And DID you? Oh and P.S. a certain somebody, your comment re: “treadmill freak” did not go unnoticed. I will be biding my time.

I also got to meet with the HR employee at Ralph’s new job. What we learned simply stunned us: a lower health insurance monthly premium than we imagined, we’re talking one-tenth what we paid at his previous job! All the benefits were great. Full medical, dental, and vision, with a flex spending account we can use toward deductible. Today I’ve been feeling a lot of gratitude for his job.

Conversation between me and my brother, five minutes ago:

Me: “Billy, I have some really good coffee in the freezer, you can help yourself.”
Billy: “Oh, no thanks.”
Me: “I didn’t mean right now, I meant if you’d like to try it.”
Billy: “Oh, I don’t like to waste good coffee on myself.”
Me: “Spoken like a true git.”
Billy: “What?”
Me [ Don Logan voice ]: “You heard.”

Sophie and Nels, sleeping. Sophie is sleeping with a large, very realistic-looking black-widow spider sculpture. She’s creepy like that.

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