Ralph: "I’ve never been so sick of my possessions."

Bart: “Me neither.”

Today. Was a big day.

All of our things are presently either with us and being lived with in a comfortable, sorted-out fashion (photos soon), or stored in heated storage. Did you hear me where I said that means all our possessions, all out of a 24′ long truck? Do you know how to do a simple volume calculation, thereby telling you how much stuff that is? The “stuff” didn’t go in one place, either: it had to be sorted out as it was moved to differentiate what went into storage units, what came upstairs in our temporary hideout at my parents’. Oh, also: did I mention we had to do a full clean of the rooms we moved into? That was mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and sundry. Holy mother of God.

Not only am I so, so tired from moving my stuff but there are many other people tired from moving my stuff! Let’s count who helped today, in very large and valuable ways: My mom, my dad, Bart, Billy (these two appeared out of nowhere to help and it was pissing down rain the entire time). Even Sophie who somehow managed to actually help, and as we unload the truck stay out of grownups’ ways and sort things properly into the “keep with us” vs. the “storage” categories. P.S. she did this for the entire duration of our sorting.

When I say they “helped” I mean they really helped. They put the “keep with us” stuff back in the truck, came along to my parents’, and hauled it up stairs. P.S. Nels did not help. In fact he took up time from people who could otherwise have helped.

I don’t know how to feel about the fact that our moving was expensive and hard for us but also relied on the efforts of others who will receive merely a “thank you” card, dinner, or beer. Not to mention on the packing end of things there were the indespensible talents of Danny, Joe, and Cynthia, who not only helped Ralph immensely but took time away from their own doings and their own families to assist ours.

I have a lot more gratitude to offer, but right now I need dinner and downtime.

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