a photo-relay winding down from the weekend

This evening we took a drive to Aberdeen for dinner. It was a beautiful day, all day.

Ralph likes to take the logging / industrial route. Believing it faster, or perhaps motivated by all the different places that service different kinds of burly equipment and engines? Here is an example of the “new” transit bus. I don’t remember when I last saw the old ass-‘n’-piss colored versions I used to ride on.

I was idly trying to get a picture of a speeding motorcyclist when Ralph burst out laughing at the “b’goyl” (his term for a creature that’s sex cannot easily be determined). I’d wager my photograph proves, or at least indicates, female-ness.

In the car Nels sings a song from The Little Mermaid, which he loves (mermaids in general, and yes this includes the Disney version).

I wish to bring you here, dear reader – no, not to this humble dwelling but to the greenness and richness of the air. It’s green green green everywhere.

Aberdeen “boasts” one Thai restuarant and it’s got great service and decent grub. They give you free refills even on the heavenly (and sugary, and fatty) Thai iced tea! My kids fucked with their food and tried to eat just the crispy shell off the spring rolls! You suck, kids!

Ralph demonstrates to Nels how to do a “Pepsi shooter” with a straw.

As we return three movies to three different movie rental joints, evening starts to fall. My favorite time of the day. WAL-MART!

Ralph catches a nice little picture involving the curious little popcorn / coffee shop. “I want popcorn!” yells one of the little ones, having dined primarily on peanut sauce and little else. Nope.

While taking above photo Ralph is accosted by street youths who lead us to “Tag Alley”, an designation in downtown Aberdeen specifically sequestered for legal grafitti work. There were some lovely and free-spirited, colorful works he shot photos of. I’ll let him tell you more.

Outside Swansons (“your neighborhood grocery store”) we read the flyers. Some things are pretty gut-damned important. What is he / she wearing around the neck right now, I wonder?

An attempt by Swansons to compete with Walmart’s assy, obnoxious signs and banners. I think it’s working well, don’t you? P.S. very decent selection, as it turns out. No more driving to Top Food & Drug twice a week.

Once home Ralph does the day’s dishes while I blog. Kids continue to give us the balls. And tomorrow is Monday, whee!

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