once i get that key they can’t pry it out of my hand

Today dawns with the type of lovely, sunny, still clear weather that is only recognizable for what it is if you’ve been away from it long enough to acclimatize to something else.

In a few hours my husband and I meet to sign a lease for our new place. Finally. A preview:

The front bedroom, for the kids. Sophie has tried to negotiate for a room of her own. Sorry. Mama’s sewing machine babies get their room, at the expense of my actual children.

Finally, a bedroom with some color to it! P.S. – the blinds actually work in this house! I checked them all.

Sophie goofs off in the living room. No, I did not take Nels on a walk-through – there was a maintenance dude there doing work with sharp tools and such. I shudder to think.

Random, peeling / scrappy paint, here and there and everywhere.

Ralph hates the tile job in the laundry room. Meanwhile I think holy shit, I have a laundry room again, in two days!

On our way out – purple house across the street! Note Ass-tros, facing off.

During our wait for celebratory hot chocolate, Sophie has a meltdown. All-told she was a fabulous house-inspector, engaging Maintenance Man Tom with small talk about Port Townsend and at every drawer opened and closet discovered, enthusing, “This is great!

Only a couple more days. A microcosm to myself – well, almost to myself – again.

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