sophie it’s your birthday, happy birthday sophie!

If you visit Los Arcos family Mexican restaurant in Hoquiam, you will find a picture of my daughter, beaming yet gripping my arm shyly as she is sung “Happy Birthday” in front of a ginormous Cinderella double-layer cake my mother made her, replete with a large Cinderella doll. Except Sophie pronounces it, and I’m not kidding, “Cingorilla”. She is suddenly interested in princesses. I am trying not to hate on princesses but rather find examples of useful princesses. P.S. I am open to suggestions!

My mother bought Sophie a Mary Kate and Ashley Olson white embroidered blouse and long skirt. Yeah, you heard. But it is actually just fine – not too trampy nor barfy. Don’t ask me about her pensive expression here – I have no idea. The little “glowing things” in her hair are tiny clips – my mom fixed her up before we went out.

I made Sophie a swim kit: her own Sophie-sized duffel bag (a black Nike one), a towel, small shampoo and conditioner, goggles (she had the suit and cap already), and Cliff bars (one after each swim lesson). Here was the coup de grace – my brother made her a laminated “swim kit key” with her name on side of the tag, and a pictorial and label reference for the items she needs to pack:

Get this, my brother created this off of photos I took of Sophie’s exact swimsuit, etc. Now she has a waterproof tag listing her gear. Cool, huh? And yes, my brother just is that talented and available to hire except perhaps to me.

The princess hair didn’t last long… (note my psoriasis – yay!)

… and the goggles were a big hit.

My brother, father, and husband did not get gifts for Sophie. But everyone had a great time (or seemed to) at the restaurant and celebration afterwards.

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