dear neighbor, sorry about the public urination

I don’t think I have that hectic of a life. I mean I only have two children and we only have one paying job and I don’t take my kids to a million soccer games nor volunteer hours and hours at a church.

However there are just some moments that get the best of me. Like today when after a vet visit where I got financially bamboozled and I’m trying to get the cat inside and put away the various coats and medications and cat-carrier and helping Sophie take our shoes off on the porch and after getting things settled inside when I go out to the van to retrieve Nels (who’s been roaming freely and playing inside it as I sort out the rest of our business) and he has stripped down entirely naked, climbed on the passenger seat, opened the van door, aimed and peed outside (mostly; some got on the footboard) in an (entirely successful) attempt to not pee his pants.

I am, however, impressed with his ingenuity and coordination. I’m not sure why he had to take his shirt and socks off to perform this maneuver. Nor why he had to do it in front of our mailman Charlie and Tom the Maintenance Man, either.

In other news: Tom the Maintenance Man is done with our fence. I have to think of something to put back there that will occupy the kids for hours and hours.

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