my little man turns three today,

and I’m gonna gift ya’ll with a tribute to my son and our life thus far.

Mama about to get knocked up
This is me, right about when I got pregnant with Nels. I haven’t been skinny since. Thanks, Boy!

Wee Sophie, summer '03.
Sophie, same time as above. What the fuck? How cute is that? That’s Ralph’s pasty leg in the background, BTW. Not mine. I swear.

Newborn Nels
My Easter Baby. Well, not Easter exactly. His birth was my favorite thing ever. He hung out in the sling quite a bit – in this case, daddy has him.

Ralph and Nels, back then as now.
Ralph, a few days later. Everyone in the goddamn house slept while I ran around. It was great.

the "big" sister
Sophie, the “big” sister – right after Nels was born. Her hobbies at this time: dressing up as a ninja, nursing a couple times a day.

Sophie + Nels
Sophie and Nels – still summertime, you can tell by their skin. Jesus, have I never heard of sunblock? What kind of mother am I?

Nels' smile
Nels’ smile is always in his eyes. Our doula knit this cap.

First Halloween for Nels
First Halloween. How cute is this? His ears even match his expression. He’s just about to go on the hayride at the Ft. Worden Spooktacular. We went every year. (P.S. you can see the tiny “flaw” in his left eye, in this picture).

1 year old
One year old – and this is how our life was. He rode around on my body as I went about my business. I loved it.

Nels 1, Sophie 3,
Why is he so fat?!? Why did no one tell me?

Aw yeah.
Grabbin’ the junk, in the front yard. God I miss PT. We won’t be doing that here.

Nels at 2.
Nels’ second birthday. I made him a butterfly cake. Check out Mr. Surly Curls. He will look the same in 65 years.

A typical "squinky" look
A typical “look” from Nels, usually trying to get some boob or chocolate (or both). Check the cleft chin. What a hunk! Yes, I’m a sick Oedipal case – but most mommies are, they just don’t admit it.

Last days of PT
My little kitten on our last day in PT. He’s heading – who knows where. I have always yelled, grabbed, and / or caught him. So far.

New life in HQX
The Boy, contemplating life’s existential issues.

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