another grey weekend – for a change

"Sleeping Beauty"
Last night while my brother was here (for sewing photos and family dinner) Nels and I played one of his favorite games – where he lies on his back and waits for the Prince to give him a kiss. Note cat skulking off. She’s had three days of being totally stoned from a rather potent handmade catnip toy we picked up at the Farmer’s Market.

little monster
Sophie is now a big girl. She barely needs to cuddle and her manner with me is distracted, thinking of other, larger things. I want to be pregnant again and get another baby. They are way more dependent and stuff.

At the park
Today after we went grocery shopping we hit this park my Sophie has been begging to go to for weeks. Here we see Nels, back on the carousel after being thrown off it. He is having a rough time of it lately. My husband doesn’t even want to hang out with him.

As I type this Ralph and Sophie are with my parents at a protest and I am struggling with a headache. Nels had some down-time playing in his room (one hour plus, because I am awesome and I can get away with that) and he and I are about to take a bath.

Big Fun Weekend this is not – at least not yet. Where is the sun?

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