’cause the temperature’s too high / going way too fast

It’s only 7:10 in the morning but already a few things have happened.

First, the cat stepped on my face this morning. Precisely and gently, in an attempt to get mornin’ lovin’, and I felt every pad in her cold little foot. Have I mentioned nothing grosses me out more than the thought of a bottom of a cat’s foot? Have you ever wondered why when you get a cat scratch it takes forever to heal? Fucken germs, man.

Second, Ralph and Nels left this morning for Port Townsend and the annual Rhody Run which takes place at 11 this morning – 7.46 miles, w00t! And a few hills thrown in and Ralph runs with Nels in the stroller. While my boys were up this morning (Nels seamlessly adjusting happily to being up two hours earlier than the norm) my son came and got in bed with me not once but twice. Speaking of mornin’ lovin’, how nice that was! It seemed like mere moments after I acknowledged I was having trouble with my son’s behavior, he and I started getting along a lot better. The second time he came and snuggled with me was post-breakfast, and he put his cold hands and feet right up against me. And I love him so much I let him.

It is raining and shite today – putting a damper on my plans to take Sophie out with the bike (we’ve been biking daily with the good weather). Plus I just noticed Ralph seems to have hijacked the fry bread which I’d planned on eating – black bean tacos for breakfast. You heard.

Now: second cup of coffee, heck maybe even a morning half-cig. Why not.

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