the good, the bad, and the chocolatey

I’m kind of extra exhausted today. I’m physically tired because I’ve been biking and bussing everywhere with the children (who continue to love this lifestyle). I’m lonely but I accept this is reality for now. I’ve made a few choices recently (jettisoning a person / conflict or two) and although I am better off, these choices were painful. I haven’t found close friends to consistently spend time with (that’s bad!), but neither have I sacrificed my personal integrity to join a group I don’t feel right about (that’s good!). I also just know it’s hard to move, hard to leave a life behind. I’m not trying to push myself feeling any better than I do, which is not so good.

My creative well is being drained slowly and for a while I was watching helplessly; but I’m coming to a decision about my sewing. Currently, I’m not sewing enough to feel happy about my sewing, to succeed in my Etsy contest efforts, and to create clothes for my family in my 6-month commitment. It is not working for me to try to sew at home and this is mostly because my children often do not nap and I am not getting the one to three hours of solid, silent, me-time. In the evening I am far too tired, mostly from the additional physical exercise we’re getting. I am not going to bemoan this or be overly frustrated, but I need to find a solution. Perhaps when my parents get home from their vacation I will take my mom up on the “sewing studio” offer. I have finally let go of thinking I could sew daily, and although I’m sad, it’s more realistic.

Today my Nels did in fact nap; while he did, my daughter watched and helped as I made a chocolate cake from scratch and homemade pizza (from easy and tasty recipes on for dough & sauce). I have been enjoying learning to cook new things: also buying cheaper groceries than I’d been used to in PT. Because of this I am now, finally, making yeast breads my bitch! You heard me.

I’m grateful to my husband. He has shown nothing but enthusiasm for our biking routines, for my cooking, for my requests at housework and my desire for more recreation as a foursome (tonight: family swim). And today two books arrived from Amazon: Ralph had surprise-ordered me a sewing book and a cookbook, both that I’ve wanted for some time.

So due to my efforts being applied in the culinary sphere I now have, foolishly, 85% of a giant chocolate cake on my counter. Anyone?

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