this is what happens when you try to be a good mom

I think I’ve alluded to Nels’ new clothes-on-backwards-and-by-himself modus operandi. Yesterday he literally put on everything backwards, including socks with the heel part over the bridge of the foot (really, rather creative on his part!). I know this could be classified as “harmless, ignore it Mama” behavior but for some reason I need him to at least have underwear and pants on correctly. Yesterday I first directed him (nicely), then tried to help (he resisted). So it ends up he’s yelling at me as I tear off his underpants, and I get this vision of a mean little ninja as his hating eyes squint at me over his hood which is covering his mouth, because I am going to allow him to wear the hoodie backwards. And he’s kicking and me and hollering and his sack is like, right in my face.

And this is interesting. This morning I busted my nuts getting breakfast done, kitchen entirely clean (dishes dried and put away, counters scrubbed, rinsed, and air dried) and put together a seed-planting project – complete with half-eggshells in cartons to start our planting.

And Sophie sits on the couch reading manga, not budging. Nels occupies himself sorting our band-aids.

Look, Mama only has so much project time left in her, kids. Get it while the gettin’s good.

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