full-time summer mom

Now that their meager school schedules are suspended, my job is to keep the kids from going crazy, keep them active and off TV, and keep out of the house so it doesn’t get totally destroyed by noon.

I look forward to getting my mom’s bike out of the shop so I can bike the kids. We’ve been bus-riding exclusively and frankly, it’s a lot slower going.

Waiting For The Bus
We wait at the most boring bus-stop ever. The kids look for mushrooms and I yell at Nels not to pick up garbage.

In A Van By The River
We had lunch with my mom and then walked home. Along the way we stopped at the 8th Street Landing which is oddly free of birdpoop.

Hoquiam River, Picture By Sophie
Picture by my girl! She wants to take a rowboat into the River. I have literally never in my 20+ years since my family moved here set foot in a vessel on this river.

"Hungry For Wood"
Our township derives its name from the Chehalis word “Ho-qui-upmpts”. P.S. don’t pronounce it Ho-kwim like even Wikipedia does, dammit! Ho-kwee-im, accent on the first syllable.

Walking The Train Tracks
A beautiful summer day for railroad walking. What you can’t see is that a few feet down the tracks we decided to cross a trestle. The trestle-crossing ended up being terrifying for me as I only had one free hand so the littlest kid was in the middle and I had to rely on the bigger kid not falling through the large gaps. I was pretty damned terrified.

Miniature Golf, Anyone?
Our “new”, classy miniature golf park. What makes me laugh is the ass hand-painted business sign. The owner keeps painting more and more signage perhaps in attempts to pull the “look” together.

Not A Rare State Of Events
Living in a swamp for a hundred years is hard on a girl.

"Flowers", Picture By Sophie
Another picture by Sophie, who said, “I can take pictures of so much flowers and garbage!”

"Battery", Picture By Sophie
And she did.

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