summer dress – hope it lasts

Nels’ coat is finished; however the back-zipper just really was a pain in my balls and I did a horrible job (next time; back to a more traditional and less Ottobre-tricky method). I left it with the local Italian seamstress matriarch because I knew if I tried it again, I might not end up with better results. OK, so now that my corset materials have arrived I can get back to it, eh?

Um, not yet, I guess.

Out By The Pond
Clam in the sand.

Yesterday at the thrift store my daughter spied this dress, a small (size 6?), slim little sleeveless number:

Before Surgery
I just loved the aqua-and-olive color scheme, although I wasn’t too inspired by the print. Still, Sophie pointedly said, “Mom, I want you to get this dress and sew it smaller for me.” The little weasel knows I can do this and truthfully, her dresses are looking a little threadbare. OK, OK, one more project and then the corset. Oh yeah, and first, a sewing night with a would-be student. OK, OK.

Thread Selection
On a quick and easy project like this I use what I already have; in this case, some of my Coats & Clark thread I’m trying to weed out, as well as some decades-old bias tape for the bodice arm edges (I’m thinking the bias tape is as old as the era the fabric print is trying to emulate).

Side and Dart
I love this! The dress had four sets of darts: underarm, french (featured above), and on the back – shoulders, waist. The front of the dress is the wrong side out and I topstitched the darts down. It adds structure and would be a definitely fabulous idea for a plainweave or small-pattern print.


OK. Double straight stitch the bottom, then pink.

Lo-Fi Hem, Part One

Lo-Fi Hem, Part Two

My parallel stitching was actually a spiral (that’s why it’s offset) meaning I had four loose threads to gather and invisible-knot. Perfect hem!

Complaining?  Not sure.

Flickr tag set with more notes.

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