a new kind of love

If today my day had been designed by tiny angels in heaven it would have included the dinner I had:

Click for larger image
(photo by kahuku)

The coolest part of the story is how I found this restaurant. Randomly this morning I noted a photo from fellow HQX blogger kahuku in the Hoquiam, WA pool. Picture me seeing this and a big screeching tire sound in my head. What? Salvadorian cuisine? Somewhere close by? Not one or two but three featured vegetarian pupusas?

So, basically, after my morning chores were done I was scheming to get to this restaurant. All day. I went to my mom’s and hinted; she was busy painting signs. Ralph had not only my cash but the only car with gas. Here was my carefully formulated plan: I just milled around until I could convince him to come pick us up. We got there around 4:30 or so to order and the food did not disappoint – my favorite so far is the pupusa calabaza (y el curtido es muy bien tambien) although the frijole version was not available and will be tried soon.

Sophie ate two pupusas all by herself; exclaiming over and over again how much she liked them. Nels, sleeping on Ralph’s chest for most of the meal, finally came to and tucked in immediately. It was so divine. We headed to my mom’s again to pick up a few items and Sophie said, “Grandma, you were a fool not to come get that food.”


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