"yeah well, some women find it offensive"

Our friend Paige who performed as childcare / housesitter / kid-lover did an excellent job. An excellent job. The main ways I have of knowing this are that A., my children were content and had that well-cared for mien upon our return, and B. the types of questions Paige would ask when we’d IM or call from our break. Yesterday when we arrived our house had been returned to it’s previous order (well… no one can clean my bathroom like I can except perhaps Stephanie), laundry done, books on the shelves, children happy and fed – it was like stepping right back into our life, no adjustments needed. And I don’t know about Paige, but the kids definitely did not tire of her care. Today as I was getting Nels out of the van he looked me in the eyes and said, “Paige was good to me.” Later in the day as we headed out on an errand he said, “Where’s Paige?” but was satisfied when I told her she’d headed home (it helps that we get to expect Paige’s mother Cyn tomorrow on a weekend visit – yay!).

P.S. I think Paige also fed them far more milk than they’re used to from Ralph and I; I also think Nels gained a pound while we were gone.

It’s good to be home. I’m currently cooking banana bread and a fresh, local Heart of Gold squash – stuffed with two kinds of rice, barley, tomato paste, garlic, spices, and cheese. It smells so amazing in my house you might as well not try to imagine it, because you can’t, it’s just that good. Today I have a refreshed outlook on housework and a more centered mind around time with the children, although I won’t deny that yesterday had some rough patches as we got used to life as a foursome – and Ralph and my responsibilities – again.

Goals for the remainder of the week: be sweet to children, keep house clean during the day and enjoy more movie / cuddling / hangout time with Ralph in the evening.

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