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I’m back at the library, hiding from the rain. There’s a woman next to me with a passel of kids – one of them in a carseat caddy. Her kids are whining and fighting in the kid section as she types oblivious and in a few minutes when I leave I’m going to use this opportunity to NOT clean the child area to the standards I normally do.

I had a significant parcel of time to myself this last weekend; first, a visit to the Olympus Spa – truly one of the more nurturing places I’ve ever been – to meet Abbi and Becca (naked, all of us). Then up to Seattle to be shown the sites (including a new dot com startup office, fun for me) by a friend. Being with myself, being away from family, I caught myself really thinking and saying a lot of things that dismayed me. Inner darkness, hello! Hadn’t seen you in a while. I was also surprised how much I enjoyed the bits of alone-ness. The absolutely crawling traffic north of Tacoma – fine. I was by myself, well-fed and nourished, with coffee and the iPod. Deep-breaths. It felt great and I think I need to do it again, and soon.

The holidays are officially commencing for our household with the Hogaboom Halloween preparations (it’s been cute to find on the computer Ralph’s plans for a Destro or Cobra Commandor ensemble). I don’t find holidays at all exhausting because I don’t feel pressure to spend a lot or go visit any particular people. I just plan things I enjoy (having said that, this season will probably kick my ass in some so-you-think-you’re-gonna-be-smug karmic way). Sophie reviewed the fabrics I bought for her elaborate choice of costume (thank Sweet Baby Jesus she eschewed any frilly princessy garbage, at least for this year); my mother, away now for a month and missing my children, has been more than eager to agree to Nels’ even more technically-challenging plan.

Tonight in honor of a recent amazing lunch date at Vic’s with Amy I am making a double-crusted pizza pie; tomorrow, black bean soft tacos and slaw. My kids have been choosing our dinner plans (last week’s highlights included homemade hamburger buns for burgers, homemade fries and Haagen Daaz milkshake).

The mom I spoke of is abusively railing at her kids to clean up while not helping them in any particular way (browsing at books ten feet away and barking out random commands). It’s tempting to judge but I’ve been that woman myself.

And so goes the domestic beat on our Monday morning.

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