i guess i won’t put them out in the street like urchins

Here are a few reasons my kids are great. About an hour ago Nels fell asleep like a kitten. He fell asleep like a flower at the end of the day. He fell asleep like babies in movies do – you hold them close and lay down with them and they curl into you and breathe deep and they are gone to Slumbertown, USA. IRL babies don’t do that often or at least not when you want them to.

Sophie took a bath with me tonight. Her little body is going through what we call a “chubby phase” which for her means: there is enough bum you can actually get some between your thumb and index finger when you give her a tweak. She put some towels over the heater so they’d get warm. When we got out of the tub she kissed me. She said she wanted to wear Superman pajamas and when I looked puzzled she said, “Just wait a minute, Mama” (she pronounces it “maw-maw”), and a few minutes later came back in wearing pajamas, panties over her pajamas, and a towel for a cape. She tells me I smell very good. She and Ralph set up a mini-Christmas tree in her room, complete with little plastic dinosaurs. She calls my mom on the phone and arranges Christmas tree decoration plans with authority.

I love to get out but it’s great to stay in, too.

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