diversions must come to an end

Last night I spent five thousand television hours introducing myself to season one of “The Wire”, which is now in my opinion the best TV I’ve ever seen. In the middle of episode five or whatever I was suddenly and surprisingly favored with a guest appearance by Steve Earle, whom I’d never seen in person but recognized immediately by his voice. Probably no one would understand why at 12:30 AM I sat up on the couch, grinning ear to ear at the large, tattooed, partially balding, mumbling former addict who held me in total enthrall.

Today included a last-minute join to shopping with my parents’ and a dinner guest invited by Ralph. Also notable: Ralph did every single chore of the day and made dinner to boot. If this is what my husband’s day usually feels like it was pretty great. Coupled with his trip to Seattle with the kids, this weekend was nice and relaxing for me. If only I had, oh I don’t know, about four more days just like it.

Crossed off my to-do list: besides the TV watching I sewed Nels’ Christmas pants, finished Sophie’s socks, and started a pair for the Boy.

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