a good saturday

When I get inspired it’s a glorious thing. I’m liable to tear a whole room apart, clean, and reassemble. Or run off to a craft store and purchase a handful of 55 cent vellum sheets for homemade cards; rummage through the hardware store spending way too much time on something silly and mundane; change needles on my machine, surf Etsy or Flickr and think of what I want to sew or draw or write on. I got extra screw-off time this morning as Ralph took the kids swimming and then to freinds’ for lunch.

My father came over at two PM – barely able to get through a work session after his Thursday chemo – to help Ralph build Sophie’s loft bed. Before they start my husband asks, “So any changes to the plans?” and my dad replies, “No… I mean not unless you’ve changed something.” To which Ralph says, “Look, I just want to know we can work in [awkward] silence the whole time.” They vanish into the next room with drill and two by fours and saws and (I hope) a level.

After my father leaves in the early evening – very sick, in fact – the family reconvenes. Sophie so loves the promise of the new bed that she perches up there – on the unpainted plywood plank – with a few books to read, bright with happiness. Nels scuttles off post-dinner and Ralph and I finish out our conversation about our current activities. I wander into the living room while sipping coffee and rice milk and my eye wanders into the dark bathroom where Nels sits, perched on the toilet, shirt lifted to show his newly-fed frog belly as he takes care of toilet business. “It’s me,” he grins at me when I turn his way. The little hobgoblin.

Tonight: endless zine work, proofreading. Homemade Valentine’s Day cards. Loud music and the sounds of kids splashing in the bath. Everyone stays up late and we watch MST3K together. Family life really works for me, sometimes.

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