Hoquiam and Aberdeen have a population of about 27,000 people so it should really reveal something about the microculture we live in that today a complete stranger asked me if I was “Ralph Hogaboom’s wife” and here’s why: she works with my husband who revealed our son’s proclivity to his sister’s clothes the other day, and this morning at our favorite deli Nels was wearing a hairbow of Sophie’s (to a lot of smiles and comments). This “recognition” should just give you a tiny taste of how rare it is for a preschooler boy ’round these parts to wear anything much more girlie than an Elmo shirt.

Of course in PT the requisite look was encouraging one’s boychild to wear a Halloween costume year-round and / or thrifted Hanna Andersson playdress, fairy wings, and dirty face comprised of equal parts organic gummi bears, Odwalla Superfood, and Veggie Booty. While I lived there I never thought I’d miss the New Ager Preciousness of that crowd of parents and kids but of course, I really really do – not just my friends, which made my holiday season hit pockets of unbearableness, but the culture there in general. The Port Townsend I knew was exciting, brazenly liberal, and fiercely creative. Port Townsend will always hold a very special place in my heart and in the inheritance of my young family.

OMG I have nothing to complain about these days, and I really shouldn’t. I mean really. Today I spent the day running necessary errands and cleaning house, with my children’s help in all endeavors. We had a delightful lunch on store credit. And I’ve since been at the library having me-time while my children quietly play and read. We’re about to head home and get ready for a Y visit this afternoon where I can get in some walking and talking with my girlfriend J. And if I’m lucky, the kids won’t hate-fuck the house and mess it up again. I am definitely dreading firing up the old clunky sewing machine again, but I do have to finish Sophie’s li’l overalls and start on her birthday princess dress. Which will, in all likelihood, be worn more by Nels anyway.

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