I find when I invite gratitude into my life, richness pours in. Today I felt so fortunate to be sitting in the hospital with my mother and son while my father sat pre-surgery awaiting another medical procedure – this time, a port installed into his body so we could pump chemo into his heart. The nurse commented on my father’s eyelashes. Since his latest respite from chemo his hair not only grew back thicker and kinkier, his eyelashes are long and curly like a cupid’s, a rare physical beauty blooming from a ravaged body. Another strange-yet-true part of our journey with cancer. Nels’ behavior is complemented by many nurses and staff and in turn I get to hear the (rare) out-loud testimonies from my parents, who are proud of the care their grandchildren receive.

This morning my husband printed out fifty copies of the zine (click to download: [here] ) and after getting home from the hospital I painstakingly stamp them all. They’re off to my East County distributor, whose efforts I appreciate so much in spreading the zine out a bit. Perfectionist I am, I cringe that my website still needs an update; oh well. “Done is better than perfect,” I remind myself.

In just a few minutes Nels and I travel to Suse’s kindergarten class for a Valentine’s Day party. My mother made lovely meringue sugar cookies and I am supplying soaked almonds and dried fruit. Let me tell you, my time with those children is unadulterated joy. Now if I can just pace myself, I’ll still have energy to sew on my brother’s coat this evening before we’re off to an Open Mike at the deli (Ralph is performing).

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