what he lacks in coordination he makes up for in force

Yesterday my children asked to go to the kids carnival at the mall. We got there just as it was closing. It’s one of those very rare incidents in my life I feel badly for my kids – who generally have a great life – because I could have been more on the ball and committed to the plan, rather then enacting something half-assed.

However, it’s hard to dampen the Hoga-kid’s spirits because, yeah, their life is pretty good. We carried the last of our week’s grocery money in quarters and played a few games at the arcade and let them crawl around on the plastic play structure – so exciting for children, so devoid of wonder and amusement for this mom at least – for about twenty minutes before heading home. I enjoy window shopping, and even though the Southshore Mall is practically a ghost mall – I picture the main phone number will ring on a black rotary phone in a back office with a desk clerk’s skeletal remains encased in a moldering uniform – there are a few signs of life, like a good shoe sale at Penney’s.

Nels has quite the overhand approach on Skee-Ball:

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