"if you see a possum, kill it… it’s not a pet."

Yesterday evening I biked about 8 miles total – hauling both kids, two huge coffee carafes, cream and coffee cups for two dozen people, my Secretary’s binder – and a chicken barley casserole – to my son’s preschool for our Open House. Now as one of the school hostesses I’d like to see myself this way: hair impeccably coiffed, one foot extended in a classy patent leather pump, sweater seat or classy dressy frock, and I’m smiling and saying gracious stuff (something like her). Instead it’s me loudly cackling and probably saying the word “cock” to my friend Shannon (who also biked with me, and is also loud) and I’m sporting really filthy hippie pigtails, sweat rings*, red face, and leaking barley juice that was at least fragrant (the casserole turned out beautifully) while my children tumble into the school breakneck speed and I’m pretty sure Nels was, as usual, fully cross-dressed.

At the end of the event – four Board members, so much coffee, so much effort and organization – we’d managed to entertain and enjoy the one family that did attend. I looked at Shannon (our President for next year) and said, “We nailed it!” and we cackled some more. In all fairness I do think the family that came to the Open House will be enrolling both their small children. And my family and I had a great time and a great bike ride.

Today Ralph and I met with a school administrator to discuss next year’s plan to homeschool Sophie. It was a great meeting and we were assured that the school supports our involvement in any school programs Sophie would like to attend. But I was left with that distinct feeling of – for lack of a better word – company-speak. I found myself wanting to know more from this administrator; more about how someone privy to the school system felt about our WASL, about homeschooling; perhaps some candid talk about the troubles and triumphs of the system. As it is I am still dumb as a post to any political or backroom knowledge. Still, it was nice to meet and discuss; and it was very nice to know the door is completely open to us.

I felt so silly the rest of my day. I’ve been busy lately but not too busy to avoid a general contentment in my life. Is it true all I want to do is cook**, visit with friends, garden, hang out with my kids, bike, and clean my house? And if it’s true that’s “all I want to do” – isn’t that just a form of living, and a pretty good one? How did I luck into having my life this way (for now)? Why do I feel so odd being – again, for lack of a better word – fulfilled, by such mundane stuff?

* I couldn’t find anything on Google image search sweaty and gross enough, sorry.

** Today I made Cypress Easter Bread, sourdough rye from my own starter (pwnage!), and Rustic Baked Beef Stew.

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