making indentured servitude fun & educational

This weekend was a busy one – coming off a dinner party (of sorts) on Thursday we took in the school carnival at Lincoln elementary, the bridge opening celebration at the HQX Farmer’s Market, the Shorebird Festival, and a private rollerskating birthday party (where I discovered I could still skate reasonably well). All traveled to by foot or by bike and on a shoestring grocery budget. Ralph also worked most of Saturday in the yard mowing, weed-eating, and finishing our “greenhouse” (which Nels calls a “pinkhouse” for absolutely no reason – the truth is it’s kind of this DIY recycled materials shanty). I joined him to hang laundry and put out the starts I’d been working up: lettuces, cucumbers, peas, bush beans, cilantro, sunflowers, love in a mist, snapdragons, amaranth, sweet peas, and calendula. Now if only the cats would stop using our lovely large bed as a lovely large litterbox. In fact today I had a very, very sad cat crap experience I won’t elaborate on. Yeah, it was really, really bad. Just know this and be glad it didn’t happen to you. P.S. I’ll be telling Billy every detail.

Yesterday’s daytime activities were a very sweet affair: the kids and I played “homeschool” in part inspired by the old-fashioned child’s desk we found at the Public Market’s associated garage sale (where I also made a new friend, an RN who works up on the Quinault Reservation). The children loved the school play – and I mean loved it. Sophie would call Harris “the school cat” with the most pleased expression of eye and tooth. During the subject of “bath time” I made up report cards in categories Science & Discovery, Art & Creative Play, Exercise & Pet Care, Food Preparation, Personal Hygiene & Clean Up, and Conduct. I wrote things like, “Very good at washing dishes,” and “B- : forgot to flush toilet” and, “Was the catcher during ‘Parachute Toy Science Experiment’.” Smart Mommy and Daddy readers will immediately see this enabled me to also get the entire house clean with their help. Maybe I’ll graduate up to Coffee Making and Foot Rubbing extra credit projects.

Tomorrow finds me back to the “normal” school routine and I already miss our weekend together. We had a lot of sunny, easy hours together.

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