while i talk about this nels is in the bath talking about his foreskin. for a change.

National "Night Out"
My dad, my mom, and I – on a beautiful evening. Robin, one of the most dear and sweet citizens of Hoquiam, took this picture from our August 5th National Night Out. This was back when I could sweetly live in the moment and savor it. It’s been a week since my father died and I haven’t had many sweet moments, although my husband and my children have been creeping into my heart in these ways lately. P.S. I stole some pain pills and take them now and then. Maybe that’s what the “sweet” feeling is.

My friends Shannon and Abi called me today on separate occasions. Just to hear their voices and live a little with them was a little slice of heaven. I miss Abi terribly, terribly. She and I used to spend just about every day together and we could giggle together without tiring.

My brother, mother and I are on these tiny remote islands. We are mostly friendly to one another. I feel some hostilities, though. Not really against each other – I don’t think. But since we’re in the know of how much it hurts we don’t have to pretend we’re having a good time, either. Talk talk talk then, total silence while we miss my father so devastatingly much. Then talk some more I guess, because what else is there to do?

It was horrid and rainy today but we had a good time; I took the kids out on the bike and picked up Sophie’s new bike and hooked it up (her front tire in the Freeloader like this) to take it home. I also had lunch at the Deli. Which always makes me feel better. And I saw Terry, the bike guy. And I met Matt, the cutest bike boy ever. By “cutest bike boy” I don’t mean crush-cute, I mean he’s probably young enough to be my son, and he welds bikes together, and he was shy and sweet a little like my brother. It’s so rainy and lame bike-wise here, so it’s great to meet another enthusiast.

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