back from the coast

Mittens May Hamper Agility(Big silly bike mittens).

We are back from our illustrious, four night and five day vacation on Cannon Beach. I was kinda busy most the time – cooking for the group, finishing my novel (I’m done!), and doing some special sewing for installment in a local gift shop.

My sister and mother seemed to feel self-conscious – or grateful, or something – for the bit of cooking I did because they repeatedly bought us our lunches and dinners (citing fairness) at many a divine restaurant. Face it, we made money on that trip! I did get lots of sushi. This was awesome.

We took a few beach walks, too:

Jacque "Le Rock" Grande
Sophie’s favorite rock (some size perspective). She took off her skirt, shoes and socks, rolled up her leggings, and ran off into the cold surf. She is a little spirit of nature.

Billy Will Call These "Elf Shoes"
Nels had a tough time – lots of coughing, a bit of fever, and five minutes before we left he whacked his left eyebrow on a sharp, sharp corner.

Jenny! Stop saying "Silflay" every chance you get
Bunny contemplation.

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