i <3 home-cooked fare

There are many types of cooking I enjoy: making bread in the afternoon while the kids rest, a big batch of canning, the Thanksgiving gauntlet with family – my brother peeling potatoes, the kids checking on pies in the oven – the pleasure of purchasing something special (and / or expensive!), the thrill of trying something entirely new.

But one of my favorite types of cooking is what I did tonight: simple vegetarian fare for us all to enjoy around the table. Cooking up a chile relleno topped with wafer-thin tomato slices and jack cheese; soaking and cooking simple refried beans, a simple coleslaw, Mexican rice, steamed flour tortillas, then just before we sit down slicing and tossing zucchini in garlic powder and nutritional yeast then sauteeing gently in butter, everything made from scratch (except the tortillas!). Delicious, inexpensive, and filling.

Nels piles fragarant rice in the tortilla, adds some beans, and says, “Mom, this is a nice dinner.”

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