Seventh Period: Rain Walk While Hunting for Worms

Sophie’s homeschool curriculum for the day:

Making the beds and putting away the laundry (Personal Responsibility). Eating breakfast – the kids’ choices: sprouted grain bread with peanut butter and honey, whole milk yogurt with blueberry preserves (Nutrition).

After dropping Nels at preschool we settle on more formal work. First, her writing and math workbooks. Then online for Language Arts 300 and Science 300. The online stuff is great because when we come up with a reference (today we find The Jungle Book and Old Yeller) I can immediately tab over to the library website and request a hold on the book / dvd / magazine, etc.

Off to pick up Nels and then to La Salvadorena for an $8 lunch (Second Language). My Spanish is so poor I consider it an act of charity that Spanish-speakers here actually help me with it. Today we learn the proprietress’ family is from Cuzcatlan, that her son is in his second year of second grade, her mother is 69 years old, and her father died when she was only three. I am slowly piecing together a friendship – or at least comradeship – with this woman. Mostly by volunteering inane things like, “Estoy triste porque hace la llueve.” (note I have given up Latin characters until I can figure it out w/Blogger).

Driving in car and clapping to, snapping with, and yelling out the lyrics of Los Campesinos’ “You! Me! Dancing!” (Music & Rhythm, Rocking Out). To the library for book check-out.

A good day so far.

* Sophie is working on capitalization of titles when we get to question #6, multiple choice:

How would you properly capitalize this title?

* Sarah Plain and tall
* Sarah Plain and Tall
* Sarah Plain And Tall

Her nose wrinkles up and her little kitten-like fangs come out in confusion: “Sarah Palin”? She asks, clearly disconcerted at the name popping up in her English course. I laugh and laugh and laugh.

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