the family that makes films together… is pretty dorky

Kelly: “I can’t find the three movies of the kids that they made.”*

Ralph: “You should use Time Machine.”

Kelly: “Yeah… I can’t find it. Um…”

Nels (looking up from a board game): “Um, guys? I got a little crazy with the mouse, and I made the silver clock whoosh out of here [he indicates the dock]. I’m sorry, mom.”

It’s not only crazy that my kids know Time Machine and its affiliated icon (I didn’t until just now), but with absolutely no assistance they have learned to operate the main features of all the tech in the living room: currently a computer (including aspects of the new operating system I haven’t yet explored), a phonograph, and sewing machine (Nels helps me by operating the foot pedal).

For instance today: since they can hack into my login, I have started secretly pulling the USB keyboard hookup out of the computer. Today one minute after I did this I came into the living room to find him turning the computer around and matter-of-factly plugging it in again so he could fire up Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls”.

Yesterday’s cinematic prowess:

“Can you believe that? Can you, oh can you, can you?”

She basically really enjoys it when he punches her in the face. The “effell” tower?

Obviously, the grueling task of making a documentary is 24/7, up to and past bed time.

Well, we’re off to watch War of the Colossal Beast.

* They made, oh, about a hundred thousand in one day. I told them to pare it down to three.

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