pure MAGIC!

Sophie biked with me seven miles today, starting out by riding into Aberdeen to drop her brother at his preschool. We left the house at 11:30 AM and returned (after live music and lunch at the Deli) at 2 PM. What was amazing is the little psycho wanted to bike more when we arrived home – I insisted she rest fifteen minutes before we traveled again – and then wanted to bike back to Aberdeen, too! I guess she’s not satisfied unless her legs whittle off into bloody stumps.

In other news, we watched 1.5 films today via my well-loved Netflix instant view – the end of To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, and Red (and no, I did not let my kids watch the second film – disturbing it was but mostly too boring for them to follow. Drag queens and nut-grabbing jokes are fine, though). The back-to-back viewing of such disparate cinema gave me a kind of viewer’s whiplash.

Nels is into magic these days.

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