Hogaboom Kids July 4th

sew Mama, sew!

sibling, sparkler, hot dog (well, veggie dog)
sibling, sparkler, hot dog (well, veggie dog)

I saved up our clothing budget and bought my first piece from online friend Karen’s boutique One Girl Circus (she has shops at Etsy and 1,000 Markets).  Today I am finishing some underwear for Nels (from scraps in my studio) and starting on a linen summer suit for Sophie, as well as going through the generously-donated clothing and snipping and stitching on that as well.

Can one save money by sewing clothes for the family?  This is an argument I hear bandied back and forth in some of my sewing groups .  When pressed I will point out I love to sew, I do not sew to save pennies.  Can a home seamstress compete, price-wise with sweatshop labor?  Not really; although I must point out, when I sew it is sturdier than anything I have ever purchased.  This is one reason my childrens closet bears an increasingly high ratio of Mama-sewn to store-bought.  Many of my pieces pass from my children on to others.

I am finding it is at least possible to begin opting out of harmful environmental and personnel practices by sewing and supporting my friends who sew.  These linen pants for Nels will be the second garment this year bought from a stay-at-home mama who’s trying to make a shop for herself.  They will also be a delight for me to ogle and fondle, and hopefully Nels will enjoy wearing them.

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