starting the school year off kicking

Today began the first full week of school for other families, and I’m glad for the day we had; it made it easy (and wonderful) to be an unschooling family.

The kids played most of the day, drawing pictures, cooking a bit, and Nels made a game called “Clunkers”. They helped my mom and her boyfriend doing gardening out in the yard (for quite some time) and went to the hardware store (where they bought candy). They made an “advent” chain for Halloween – their idea, and being Hogakids they are ridiculously excited about the holiday. Sophie told me there were 48 days until the big night (she will be in So. Cal. with family but Nels will be with us), so the two of them crafted 48 links (in groups of ten, then one group of eight – division with remainders). I am lazy so I didn’t even check to see if “48” was accurate. I just trust it was.

This evening Suse had her first soccer game and immediately scored three goals. She was laughing joyfully the entire time she played. We hadn’t practiced any soccer since her season ended; she was just sort of magically better. Sophie is no soccer progeny – this is just something that happens with all the kids, according to her coach.

Nels finally mastered the monkey bars.

So yeah; kids learn, kids grow. We don’t need to push or pull. It’s amazing if you really let yourself believe in it, and watch.

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