aim low, so low no one knows you even tried

Today Ralph and Nels wrote a new song.  They have two recently added to their repertoire – songwriting is something they do in the few minutes between chores, meals, bike rides, and the various Hoga-shenannigans we get up to.* I think I love every song they’ve written.  Nels is going to put out his own DIY recording soon; email me if you’d like a copy.

Due to events I won’t go into I felt a little crazy-angry with my lively, selfish, rambunctious family – so while they went out to a barbecue and gathering at the Humptulips River I stayed home, smoking cloves with our housemate J., working on a new dress for Sophie, and drinking wine in the middle of the day while watching some neo-noir (honestly, I wish I lived this way and talked this way, second only to the lifestyle in Hitchcock films).  At the end of the afternoon I didn’t have much to show for myself except I didn’t murder anyone in the family nor stab a steak knife into my thigh.

*P.S. You should add Ask Nels to your feed reader because it is the best site, ever.  Four questions a day! Send them in because he can literally change your LIFE.

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