nels and i go on a date

While Sophie was swim swim swimming today, Nels and I had lunch at My Sisters Bakery in Aberdeen, then we picked up groceries together.  I love having one-on-one time with each kid; something a bit tricky when you have two young homeschoolers.

Why Does This Look Familiar?

You may be noticing my son looks just like my husband. And you’d be right. Pretty much, I married the above about nine years ago.

You may also be noticing the awesomeness that is Nels’ shirt – an organic cotton / bamboo soft lovely that is a joy for he and I alike. Sunday when I was having a terrible, terrible day, a couple hours after the “your beloved cat has cancer and is going to die” call we hit the post office and I picked up the most wonderful package from my (online) friend Karen: a series of sewing-related goodness including this shirt, a Alabama Chanin project for my daughter, a pattern I cannot wait to sew up, and a little Etsy homemade journal – namely, the kind of things I love more than just about anything. Karen in particular (who has both an Etsy shop and a 1,000 Markets shop) is a stitcher after my own heart; I have sent her many emails querying her on seam finishes and ruffles and fabrics and patterns. And I don’t know how she knew I love homemade patch shirts so very, very much, but boy… I mean I think I love this shirt even more than Nels does, and that’s saying a lot.

joyjoy1Nels, with joy, contemplates his choices at the counter.

Water, Napkins

Napkins and water, check. Ready to devour ham and cheddar sandwich, banana split muffin (yes, it included a cherry on top).  Good times.

(You can see more details of Karen’s lovely shirt in my Flickrstream).

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